After teen dies from caffeine, health experts discuss the dangers

After a teen died from too much caffeine, health experts warn of the dangers. (KATV Photo)

Unlike cigarettes or alcohol, not many ads run across TV screens warning consumers of the dangers of drinking too much caffeine, however, it’s now getting some national attention after a South Carolina teen died from too much caffeine.

The Director of Little Rock’s Strong Hearts Rehabilitation Center, Dr. Christine Alongi, tells KATV the amount of caffeine a person has to consume to die varies. Alongi added, she doesn't recommend consuming even one energy drink; healthier alternatives include coffee and black tea.

"It can happen suddenly, it can happen if too much is consumed because that stimulant is causing that electrical system of your heart to cause it to beat so fast, so then it just throws off the rhythm and then your heart can't handle it and it will just fail basically,” said Alongi.

“With it being a diuretic, you can start excreting all of your potassium and if you get too low on potassium again it throws your heart of rhythm which can cause sudden cardiac death as well," she added.

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