Former MLB pitcher is victim in Little Rock's 41st homicide

John Barfield, a former Texas Rangers pitcher, was shot and killed on Christmas Eve in downtown Little Rock. Police say his girlfriend's estranged husband pulled the trigger. (Photo courtesy Mystic Goodman)

“It was a senseless killing," says Mystic Goodman. She’s talking about the murder of her boyfriend, 52-year-old John Barfield.

Around 5:00 p.m. on Christmas Eve, Barfield was shot and killed outside the couple's apartment on Sherman Street in downtown Little Rock.

Police arrested Mystic Goodman's estranged husband, William Goodman, for the killing.

"Since it's so new, I can't say that I'm dealing with it yet,” says Mystic Goodman. “Right now it's just a minute at a time."

Police say the men got into a fight at the apartment, then William Goodman pulled out his gun and shot Barfield.

William Goodman was arrested at an area hospital.

Mystic Goodman thinks her estranged husband may have been upset from an argument the night before, but she can barely talk about what happened.

"One minute, I'm ok; the next minute I'm not," says Mystic Goodman.

Barfield is a former major league baseball player. He became a pitcher with Texas Rangers in the 1980s, after some time in the minor league.

"Fierce on the mound and just a fun loving guy, a jokester," says Mystic Goodman.

Knowing him since high school, Mystic Goodman says Barfield was full of life.

"John was just a jovial person, loved to cook, great cook," says Mystic Goodman.

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