Former Razorback buys life-saving drug for Maumelle Police Department

The Maumelle Police Department's supply of a lifesaving drug was about to expire, but an unexpected donation gave them more.

The Maumelle Police Department's supply of a life-saving drug was about to expire, but an unexpected donation gave them more.

The drug is called Narcan, which can stop someone from dying of a narcotics overdose.

Former Razorback Football player Muskie Harris, who runs a drug rehab center in Little Rock, was contacted by the Maumelle Police Department to see if he could contribute toward a new supply of Narcan. Captain Jim Hansard says it was paid in full.

“We just happened to call Mr. Harris first he absolutely insisted on paying for the whole thing so hats off to him, we really appreciate it,” Hansard said.

Harris paid $3,000 dollars to buy the whole police department, all 34 of its officers, Narcan to carry in their patrol cars.

The department was given its original supply of the drug by the Clinton Foundation a year ago, but it was set to expire and they didn't have the financial means to buy it again.

"I was blown away. We just didn't want the program to go away because we knew one day we're really going to need this,” Hansard said.

Narcan stops a person from dying of a narcotics overdose when the first responder administers it as a nasal spray. Several police departments are now carrying the life-saving drug. Already the Benton Police Department has used it once and saved a life. Recently, the Pulaski County Sheriff's Office saved two lives with Narcan.

"Fortunately we haven't used it on anybody yet and we hope we never do. But in the event our officers are called to that kind of scene, we'll have that at their disposal to be able to use,” Hansard said.

Arkansas averages around 300 overdose deaths a year according to the last three years of data from the CDC.

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