KATV speaks with father of Yell Co. triple-homicide suspect

The father of triple-homicide suspect spoke with Channel 7 on what happened when his son, James Arthur Bowden, allegedly killed Yell Co. deputy Lt. Kevin Mainhart. (KATV Photo)

The father of a triple-homicide suspect in Yell County told Channel 7 his son was "emotionally, mentally disturbed."

James Arthur Bowden Jr.,42, was taken into custody in the death of Yell Co. deputy Lt. Kevin Mainhart , killed during a traffic stop, and two women, who were found outside a home where a standoff took place.

That standoff ended around 2:40 p.m. and State Police say hostages inside the home were taken to be checked out.

Bowden's father tells Channel 7 the incident stemmed from an argument Bowden had with his girlfriend and adds his son has threatened suicide over the last few months.

“Police officer pulled him over, shot him with a Taser," Bowden Sr. said. "He thought the police officer had shot him, so he shot the police officer. I’ve heard that when he got to her house, her mother pulled a gun out and was shooting at him. That’s, you know, just hearsay. I wasn’t there. I didn’t get to talk to him."

His father went on to say, "He’s not a bad guy. He’s got no police record. He just snapped. He was emotionally, mentally disturbed.”

CORRECTION: Arkansas State Police originally gave the media the incorrect name and age of the suspect. For that reason, the original report in this article contained information about a different James Bowden. We've removed the incorrect information from the article.

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