Local Humane Society taking in shelter dogs from Louisiana during floods

Saline County Humane Society bringing dogs back from Louisiana after floods. (Photo KATV)

As flood waters were driving people out of Louisiana, Saline County Humane Society Director Ann Sanders and a volunteer were driving toward the devastation. They were going to Belle Chase to pick up shelter dogs last Wednesday.

"There was just so much sadness. A lot of shelters before didn't have anywhere for the animals to go, so we want to make sure the animals are going to be taken care of too," Sanders said.

That's why you may hear a few extra barks in Bauxite this week. Sanders brought back 11 dogs and 15 cats. Some of them are still in need of a good home, like the chihuahua mix, Sloan, pictured above.

"We picked up animals that were available for adoption from that shelter and then we brought them up here, which makes space for others," Sanders said.

However, this isn't the first time Sanders and her team were a part of rescue efforts. They are the only emergency placement partner in Arkansas for the Humane Society of the United States because they have enough space and staff to take in victims of natural disaster or puppy mills.

"Normally, anytime they ask us for help, we go down and help," Sanders said. They're also planning another trip to Louisiana to pick up more shelter dogs soon.

There are still dogs and cats available at the Saline County Humane Society for adoption.

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