LRPD gives reasons the city has gone weeks without a homicide

As of June 15th, the city of Little Rock has gone 18 days without a homicide. LRPD contributes the break to more officers on patrol and more suspects in jail. (Photo: KATV)

The streets of Little Rock have been mostly quiet for the past 18 days with no murders.

The Little Rock Police Department attributes the break in violence to a couple of factors.

Officer Steve Moore, Public Information Officer for LRPD, says there are more officers are out in areas with the highest number of violent crimes, like downtown, midtown, and south of I-630

"we've tried to move the officers around and have a high visibility in those areas, and it seems to be having good reflection and it seems to be working," said Officer Moore.

Plus, recent arrests in other homicides, like the case of two-year-old Ramiya Reed, may have impacted future crimes.

"I think you can contribute some of that to previous arrests, whether it's over Ramiya's case or another one that we may have had an arrest on," said Officer Moore.

A former homicide detective himself, Officer Moore says he's seen the capital city go 30 days without a murder.

"Over the years, you saw where you could go two weeks, three weeks, sometimes a month without any homicides, then suddenly you'd have two in a day or three in a week," said Officer Moore.

Citizens spoke with KATV and shared their thoughts on the reason for the drop in violence.

"I've seen like an increase in like police drug busts,” said Wintersage Redhorse. “Maybe that helped level it out a little bit."

"Maybe the ones that's doing most of the killing is actually behind bars," said Kiara Bell.

Officer Moore also tells Channel 7 with no recent homicides, detectives are free to focus on older homicides and death investigations.

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