Medical marijuana commission decides $100,000 cultivation license fee

The medical marijuana commission decided on a $100,000 cultivation license fee on Tuesday. (MGN Photo)

The Medical Marijuana Commission decided on a $100,000 license fee for Arkansas growers of medical marijuana.

Commissioner Dr. Carlos Roman argued for a lower license fee of $15,000 and said he did not want some Arkansans to be shut out of the opportunity.

Commissioner Travis Story argued for a higher license fee of $185,000 and said that cultivation owners needed to have a lot of capitol to start the business and ensure it doesn't fold.

The $100,000 fee will be annual for cultivation facilities renewing their license. The fee is on top of the $15,000 fee decided by the commission just to apply. If an applicant is rejected, half of the application fee will be refunded.

The commissioners also decided on basic financial requirements for applicants hoping to have a cultivation facility. They voted that applicants must show proof of $1 million dollars in assets or a surety bond and must also show proof of $500,000 in cash.

The commissioners also decided to reverse an earlier decision that the five cultivation licenses awarded will have to be divided into the state's five public health regions. The commission decided to change that decision and allow the five cultivation sites to be located anywhere. The commission will instead give merit to applicants who can show that putting a cultivation site in an area will have an economic impact.

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