No legislative action on transgender bathroom bill Monday

Lawmakers took no action on a transgender bathroom bill Monday, despite it being on the agenda of a senate committee. (Photo: MGN)

A transgender bathroom bill still sits in a senate committee after lawmakers took no action on it Monday at the capitol. Only five votes are needed for this bill to pass out of the committee, but a vote keeps being delayed.

Verizon Arena general manager Michael Marion was just one of the many business leaders speaking out against Senate Bill 774 last Wednesday, which would require transgender people to use public facilities that match their assigned sex at birth.

"I have friends in North Carolina that run the building there. My friends in Greensboro. He had shows cancelled by Bruce Springsteen, Boston, Cirque Du Soleil. They could not make a bid, actually their NCAA bid was cancelled,” Marion said to the committee on Wednesday.

Senator Linda Collins-Smith pulled the bill down after realizing the votes weren't there that day to pass it.

On Monday, the same business leaders showed back up to speak against it again.

Presidents of both Little Rock and Hot Springs Convention and Visitors Bureaus were there to voice opposition. Even though the bill was on the agenda, it wasn't brought up.

"It wasn't a trip for nothing though because this is really important that this bill never sees the light of day because of the potential damaging impact that we know it will have on the economy of Arkansas. So if I have to come up here every day until they do hear the bill committee, hopefully it won't move any further,” said Steve Arrison, CEO of Visit Hot Springs.

Groups for transgender rights were also having a rally on the capitol steps Monday preparing to battle the bill, but they will have to come back Tuesday to see if there's a vote.

Collins-Smith declined to speak to Channel 7 News about the bill and if she thinks it has support.

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