PCSSD making some changes to school lunches


Following the Trump Administration’s promise of "Making School Lunch Great Again” by changing the federal guidelines, one district in Arkansas is gearing up to make some changes.

As previously reported by KATV in 2015, money was being wasted after data showed kids were tossing some of their lunches because of the whole grain regulations. Now, we can expect some changes at the Pulaski County Special School District including bringing back white grain.

PCSSD Student Nutrition Director, Regina English, tells Channel 7 they rejoiced when they found out they could bring back white grain, although they’re not completely doing away with whole grain.

“It is now 100 percent, it will be 50 and so we're going to go with that...and we are going to regulate and do our biscuits and our pasta as white grain, and keep our rolls and our hamburger buns as whole grain,” said English.

Following the 2015 KATV report, where kids were tossing what they called "brown bread”, the district switched to steel whole grain, adding the kids like the honey flavor.

Part of the new federal guidelines allow for 1 percent flavored milk, not limiting it to 1 percent fat-free, however PCSSD will not be changing their milk.

"There's still a calorie count that we have to meet, I would rather give my kids in food more calories than in a milk more calorie because we do offer versus serve here and kids aren't required to take that milk, and ours do,” said English. “For me that shows me, hey this milk’s ok, they're good with this, let's give them a little bit of cheese on a cheeseburger versus giving them the extra calories in the milk."

The infamous question among many parents now that sodium levels have changed, PCSSD will be sticking with the current 1,230 milligram level, they say if the changes had not been made, they would have had to drop down to 935 mg.

“Our cooking we were really limited to just using spices that didn't contain it, and it hurt…so maybe now we can do a lot of low sodium peppered gravy on our white biscuit to where we couldn’t that before because just running the risk of going over that sodium count,” added English.