2 females found dead in vehicle in southwest Little Rock

LRPD says two women were found dead inside a car off 11500 Chicot Road. (KATV photo)

Police were called to the scene of a double homicide in southwest Little Rock Monday morning.

Police got a call shortly after 8 a.m. from a person identified as the property manager of a mobile home park, who said they found a female covered in blood in a blue SUV.

When police responded to the mobile home park at 11500 Chicot Road, they found two deceased victims, both described as adult white females.

Police have not identified the women and are not releasing any further information at this time.

The deaths are the 24th and 25th homicides for Little Rock in 2017.

According to 911 recordings, the property manager told the operator that the lot the SUV was discovered in had been vacant for some time - for sale by the mobile home's owner.

Neighbors at the scene tell KATV, the SUV had been parked there since the weekend; neighbors say they simply assumed someone had finally moved in to the long-vacant home.

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