Prayer service held for family, friends of Lt. Weatherford

Wednesday night, a prayer service was held for friends and family of Lt. Weatherford at Central Baptist in Diaz. (Photo: KATV)

Family, friends and colleagues of Lt. Patrick Weatherford gathered Wednesday night to pray for and comfort one another.

The prayer service was held at the Newport campus of Central Baptist Church.

Jackson County Sheriff David Lucas, surrounded by fellow deputies during prayer, became emotional when talking about the officer he called a friend.

“We got young men (pauses) like Patrick that go out there everyday, put their lives on the line everyday not knowing whether they’re going to make it back home to their wife and kids.”

During the service, Pastor Jarred Elliott also prayed for 18-year-old Tyler Calamese, who is being held in connection to the death of Lt. Weatherford.

"He’s only 18-years-old," said Elliott. "He’s going to bear this cross for the rest of his life."

Funeral services for Lt. Weatherford will be Friday at 11:00 a.m. at ASU-Newport.

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