Rock the Block volunteers revitalize neighborhood homes

Hundreds of volunteers turned out for "Rock the Block" to help revitalize neighborhood homes. (KATV Photo)

A little rain Saturday morning did not stop the Habitat for Humanity event from making an impact.

Hundreds of volunteers turned out for "Rock the Block" this weekend.

The group coordinated more than 20 projects in the Baring Cross neighborhood.

Volunteers worked for several hours, taking on everything from exterior repairs to siding removal.

Organizers say "Rock the Block" is about supporting individuals who can't make repairs to their homes.

They want everyone to have a safe, affordable place to live and to be able to take pride in their home and neighborhood.

"This is a way to connect with your community, get involved and give back," said Kelley Sims, chief operating officer. "I think people feel a lot of fulfillment and we are certainly helping a lot of people in this neighborhood that don't have the resources to do it for yourself."

If you missed out this weekend, Habitat for Humanity has projects happening year-round.

Organizers say there is something for everyone from construction to neighborhood revitalization projects to habitat restores.

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