Scott couple's home hit by lightning, engulfed in flames

A couple in Scott says they're blessed to be alive after lightning turned their home into an inferno, but sad their future daughter-in-law's wedding dress burned up. (Photo: Anita Ott)

UPDATE (5/2):

After we aired this story, so many Channel 7 viewers reached out to us to find out how they could help the Ott family, including many offers to provide a replacement wedding dress for the bride.

Lindy Blackstone Lanford of The Bridal Cottage got in touch with Kelly and helped her out with a new dress for her big day. (Scroll down to see the video, or CLICK HERE)

(EDITOR'S NOTE: The dress in the video is not the one the bride chose! No spoilers here.)



Anita Ott and her husband call themselves blessed to be alive after lightning hit their home in Scott.

“I heard this horrible noise like it was roaring, almost like water gushing,” Ott said.

Once they heard the lightning strike, the house became engulfed in flames.

Having their house hit by lightning before, she and her husband knew flames were close to finding them in their downstairs bedroom.

"All I remember was John going, 'This one got us! Get up, get up!'" Ott said.

The couple ended up escaping through the garage.

"You grab yourself, your animals that are very precious to us, and you get out, you exit," Ott said.

Miraculously, Bibles and photos of the couple's son who died years ago were salvaged.

Anita's other son Adam wanted his future bride to walk down the stairs of his parents' house for their wedding in three weeks.

"I mean, I've always dreamed, I don't know why, but I've always dreamed of having my perfect wedding on the front porch of my parents' house,” Adam Ott said.

But unfortunately, Mother Nature had other plans.

Along with most other things inside, items for his wedding are now destroyed - including his fiancée's wedding dress.

"After it was burnt up she showed me a picture of it,” Adam said. “It would've been great."

"It was perfect,” Kelly Conley, Adam’s fiancé, said. “It was all lace, strapless."

Both say they'd rather have their parents over material things.

"A dress can be replaced, but as long as - I mean, they're like a second set of parents to me - so I don't know what I would've done if they wouldn't have made it," Kelly said.

"To see my parents okay, it just--I mean, that's all I really cared about," Adam said.

Anita Ott says she’s not asking for anything, and she doesn't want anyone feeling sorry for them because they're truly blessed to be alive.

Adam and Kelly still planning on having their wedding May 20 at their reception venue instead.

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