Sherwood Police patrolling trail for morning runners

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The Sherwood Police Department is monitoring a trail in Sherwood to provide a safe place for runners in the mornings.

The man accused of five sexual assaults in March and April in North Little Rock and Sherwood has still not been caught by police nearly a month after the most recent assault.

Sgt. Keith Wilson with the Sherwood Police Department says they're still working with North Little Rock, the FBI and State Police to find him.

"Us along with North Little Rock have worked several tips but right now we don't have anything pending as far as specific information," Wilson said.

The latest of five assaults happening April 16th when a woman was attacked while jogging on the Mary Anne Salmon trail in North Little Rock.

Wilson says following those assaults some in neighboring Sherwood were afraid and stopped running. As a response, Sherwood Police began patrolling the trail of lights this week from 6 to 8 in the morning.

"A lot of them were kind of afraid to get out and run after the one lady was attacked in the city next to us out on a running trail so that was a big thing in coming up with this," Wilson said.

We went riding on the trail Wilson where they're now patrolling every morning and will continue to through the summer. Wilson says as many as 30 women took advantage of the protection Wednesday.

"We've had several women coming with children and their strollers. So they're able to exercise with their children and feel a lot safer," Wilson said.

Dawn summons, who was out walking on another trail Thursday says she always walks with a friend, but is glad to hear there's now a protected place for her to exercise.

"I think that's great and we're probably going to go there in the morning," she said.

There is a $5,000 dollar reward for any tip leading to the arrest and conviction of the suspect.

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