Tyler Barefield in court for pre-trial hearing ahead of capital murder trial

Tyler Barefield, seen in the kelly green polo-style shirt, appeared at the Pope Co. courthouse for a pre-trial hearing Monday morning. (Photo: KATV)

On Monday morning, Tyler Barefield showed up at the Pope County courthouse for a pre-trial hearing ahead of his capital murder trial in October.

"[It’s to] kinda give the court an idea where we're at as far as getting our cases together, and we seem to be on track," said Patrick Benca, Barefield’s attorney.

In court, both the prosecution and defense decided to have evidence in before October 2nd, then have another pre-trial hearing on October 16th.

Barefield is accused of shooting and killing Aaron Brock and Beau DeWitt in September 2016 at his family's U-Pull-It Auto salvage yard in Russellville. Investigators say he then crushed their bodies in cars on the property. He pleaded not guilty to both capital murder charges.

Last week, the state filed a motion to exclude certain crime scene photos of both victims from the trial.

In a motion in limine, David Gibbons, Pope County Prosecuting Attorney, says “a limited number of the photographs depict tattoo symbols that are commonly associated with white supremacist organizations.”

Gibbons believes the tattoos are not relevant to the manner or cause of deaths of either victim.

"The state feels that that's not relevant,” said Gibbons. “But the relevancy could be determined a lot by whatever the defense's position is, which we don't know yet."

Judge William Pearson is expected to make a decision on that motion at the next pre-trial hearing on October 16th.

While Barefield's attorney got the trial delayed in July to get more time to prepare, he said he will be ready when the trial comes around again in October.

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