UALR professor is researching a way to further the fight against cancer

UALR professor is researching a way to further the fight against cancer

Inside the labs of UA-Little Rock, an associate professor is working to revolutionize how cancer is treated.

Doctor Darin Jones wants to change the game.

"I kind of see this as like a brand new paradigm as a therapeutic option, it's something people hadn't really considered before," Dr. Jones said.

He, along with fellow researchers and some of his own students, are working toward using molecular science to kill cancerous cells.

This is done through stopping those cells from fixing damaged DNA, the process that can essentially keep cancer cells alive.

"If you impede that repair process,” said Dr. Jones, β€œor prevent that repair process altogether, that cancer cell will die."

And that's the whole idea.

An idea that's awarded Jones and his fellow researchers grants worth a little over $1.5 million.

"The end all, be all, is to develop a brand new therapy that can help people who aren't being helped today," Dr. Jones said.

Because right now, with options like chemotherapy, the process is nonselective when it kills cells.

This new treatment Jones is researching, would specifically target the cancerous cells, leaving the healthy ones still intact.

Jones thinks that this research will lead to a treatment that will be more universally used by people, no matter what cancer they might have.

"The idea of, you know, having an impact on maybe the direction on how cancer therapy will be viewed in the future is an exciting idea," he said.

Jones says the research process is still very early.

He says they've been looking into this for about two or three years and expect to continue to do so for another 12.

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