Unverified Ashley Madison list impacting Arkansas marital counselors

An unverified list is surfacing with the names of Arkansans who are allegedly subscribers to the extra marital website {}The names were released after hackers obtained company information. The list, which contains names, payment information, and geographic locations, is having a big impact on marital counselors this week, and has many on edge.

Chenal Family Therapy Clinical Director Ken Clark said he's seen the impact in his office.

"Definitely, a lot of requests for marriage counseling and affair recovery because of the list," Clark said. "There is a morbid curiosity that brought a lot of people to the site with no intention of actually cheating, they just wanted to peek and see if there was anybody that feels like they feel. Once there, that's where the interaction starts happening."

The list, not only exposing public figures, but everyday people. Clark said there are many components that people should think about.

"These are moms and dads who in every other aspect in life are model citizens and now they are having this piece of them exposed that they are far from perfect and it's been done in a way that is not just traumatizing for them," Clark said. "There was a monthly subscription, then there was something where people would prepare literally hundreds of dollars at once, and that's what Josh Duggar got grief for because that comes with an affair guarantee."

Clark also told Channel 7 News that mental health plays a substantial part.

"If my spouse is on here, is there a chance that they are a sex addict? There is a growing focus on sex addiction as a mental health problem and a problem that couples deal with," Clark said. "It's not the only site that does it, but it's one that is a slap in the face to marriage. Its mission statement was to help people break their marriage vows. There is something about it that is uniquely insulting to those of us that are trying to preserve our own marriages or work to help other people with theirs."

Throughout the potential emotional storm couples affected by the list might be facing, Clark is encouraging people to be patient?

"They really need to give themselves at least 30 or 60 days of integrating this. Understanding this. Talking to people and getting cared for before they make a decision," Clark said. "This is what Ashley Madison has taught us, there's a chance that anything you do will not only come to your spouse's attention but be posted on a website somewhere."