Victims of domestic violence receive help through Laura’s Card

A Little Rock woman is now behind bars in the fatal stabbing of her husband on Tuesday. Police say they believe the stabbing stemmed from a domestic incident between the two.

On Wednesday, the Arkansas Attorney General wanted to remind the public of the resources available to those who may be victims of domestic violence.

“Laura’s Card, law enforcement officers are required to hand out Laura’s Card to victims of domestic violence when they encounter them,” said Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge.

Almost a year ago, Attorney General Rutledge unveiled Laura’s cards that law enforcement officers are required to provide to victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

The cards are the centerpiece of "Laura's Law," named after three women affected by domestic violence. The card includes 24-hour crisis line phone numbers, a place for law enforcement and local shelters to provide contact information, a list of victim's rights and information about the Crime Victims Reparations Board.

“We have already distributed over 32,000 Laura’s Cards in the state of Arkansas to 200 plus law enforcement agencies,” said Rutledge.

“These are adults we are dealing with and they choose how they want to live their lives, all we do is say, 'Hey, there is help out there for you,'” said Kandi Hause, Victims Service Program Coordinator for the Little Rock Police Department.

In 2017, the department has distributed close to 400 Laura’s Cards along with their own local version of the card.

“That gives them information regarding shelter and 24-hour domestic violence hotlines,” said Hause.

“We want more victims of domestic violence to know that law enforcement and the community will support them in getting out of it,” said Rutledge.

For more information on Laura’s Card, you can log onto their website.

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