Beyond the Game: Al, Wes Flanigan cherishing special time in their lives

Wes Flanigan and his father Al are sharing one special season.

One coaches Little Rock's team; the other coaches one of Little Rock's most storied high school programs.

KATV first sat Al and Wes down together last year, when Wes came back to Little Rock as an assistant. Now Al watches his son, the Trojans' head coach.

"I try to be cool," the legendary Patriots coach said. "I try to sit back but you know when things aren't going right, I get up on him."

"I can feel him just like I can feel everybody in this building," Wes said while holding back a laugh.

Meanwhile, Wes tries to venture to as many Parkview games as possible. His son Allen plays for the Patriots.

"Just being here at home, it's been something a normal person wouldn't be able to do," Wes said.

"I'm the head coach at my own program. I get to see my son play for my dad at my Alma mater. There are a lot of special things going on right now. It's a special moment in the Flanigan household."

"I have three sons," Al said. "All three of them won championships. It would be icing on the cake for my grandson to win that thing."

The Little Rock Trojans host Coastal Carolina on Saturday, February 4th at 6:00 p.m. They host Appalachian State on Monday at 8:00 p.m.

You can watch the complete interview here.

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