Beyond the Game: Arkansas Tech's 98-year-old fan doesn't miss a game

For Arkansas Tech's top fan, age is just a number.

Jeanice Falls doesn't miss a game. Believe it or not, she's 98 years old. She'll turn 99 in May.

"I don't miss one," she said. "I guess the only reason I would miss one is if I were sick or something."

A 1938 graduate of Arkansas Tech, she worked for the Western Arkansas Telephone Company in Russellville for 40 years. She was the first woman on the Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce Board of directors. She also led the Arkansas Tech Alumni Association.

But this pioneer's true passion is Golden Suns basketball.

"It was special then, and now that I've grown older, it's just so special to me.

"It keeps me alive. It has meaning to me."

On February 2nd, the school presented Falls with a plaque, recognizing her as the No. 1 fan of Golden Suns basketball.

She shows no signs of slowing down.

"I still have my memory. My mind has not gone completely yet, and I just enjoy coming out here and being a supporter of girls basketball."

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