Beyond the Game: Jakob's Wish


LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - On any given evening, you'll probably find 14 year-old Jakob Mueller at one place: Rebsamen Tennis Center.

"I love to watch tennis. I love to play tennis," he said.

Jakob, who just made varsity as a freshman at Central High School, was inspired to start playing three years ago, when he watched Roger Federer win Wimbledon.

"I was like, oh I'm in! If he can do this, then I{}want to be able to do that too!"

Jakob is well on his way to following Federer's footsteps, even after being served a major slice.

"If you asked me a year ago if Jakob would be here playing varsity after that diagnosis, I{}would've hoped that to be true, but I{}would've had my doubts, seeing how sick he was," said his dad, Mike.

Last October, Jakob was diagnosed with Hodgkins Lymphoma. He underwent more than three months of chemotherapy and radiation.

Asked Jacob, "Am I going to live through this?"

Cancer may have taken some of his{}strength,{}but it did not take his passion. He kept rooting for Roger Federer.

"That brought joy to me; being able to see him play and being able to still be around to witness his accomplishments."

It's no wonder, therefore, what Jakob asked for when the Make a Wish Foundation called.

"Without hesitation, Jakob said, I{}want to meet Roger Federer," said Mike.

No wish is too big. Friday, Jakob flew with his father to the US Open in New York City. Saturday, he got to spend around 15 minutes with his idol, Roger Federer.

"I had to realize for a moment that it was Roger Federer because it was super normal. It was really weird how normal it felt and how satisfying it felt," Jakob said.

"We thanked him so much.

"I feel like I've got a bright future ahead."

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