Beyond the Game: Lis Shoshi's dad travels from Kosovo to surprise him on Senior Day

There are surprises, then there are surprises of worldly proportions.

Before Little Rock's game Saturday night against Georgia State, six seniors were recognized. Most had family by their side. Lis Shoshi, who grew up in Kosovo, walked out to center court with his Little Rock host family. After all, it's not exactly easy for his real family to travel to Arkansas' capital city from Kosovo.

Then, Lis was told by the public address announcer to turn around. Out walked his dad, Dr. Gezim Shoshi. He came all the way from Eastern Europe to see his son play basketball for the first time.

Watch the video above to see his reaction.

"He was my role model," Shoshi told KATV.

"It was really nice of him coming and seeing his baby son play basketball here."

Little Rock hosts Georgia Southern Monday at 8:00 p.m. It's their last home game of the year.

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