Beyond the Game: Little Rock Trojan draws inspiration from late grandfather's necklace

Little Rock's Ben Marcus, a former walk-on from Watson Chapel, is contributing to the team more than ever before.

One reason might be what hangs around his neck, and the inspiration he draws from it.

"Some people think it's a cookie from far off," he joked.

Actually, the necklace has deep meaning for Marcus. His grandfather made it before he turned 13.

"He's always been a positive person in my life. Every time I talked to him it was never anything negative."

Marcus wears it everywhere, except practice and games. He wears it outside of his clothes so everyone can see it. But he never wore it much until a few months ago.

That's when this story proves the existence of fate.

The very day he decided to randomly put his grandfather's necklace on, his grandfather passed away.

"Oddly, it happened like that. Like that exact same day I put it on."

Most people would probably never touch that necklace again. Marcus sees it differently.

"By keeping it on, it reminds me of every good thing he's done for me. It's not a bad thing. It keeps me remembering him instead of forgetting about him by putting it away."

Perhaps it's the reason for Marcus's positive play this season.

"This right here reminds me to be positive everyday," he said.

Little Rock has two upcoming road games, at Appalachian State and Coastal Carolina. Marcus and the team return home next Saturday, January 14th, when they host Arkansas State.

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