Beyond the Game: Missouri man and his dog, Miles, run Little Rock Marathon

There are myriad inspirational stories at the finish line of the Little Rock Marathon, but it's not often you see this: a dog completing the course.

His name, appropriately, is Miles.

"We practice together all the time. I don't run a mile without him," said Henri Coeme, holding Miles' leash.

Henri, born in Belgium, found the Australian shepherd three years ago, on a run near Joplin, Missouri.

"He's been running with me ever since. Nobody knew the dog. He was just a lost dog."

Henri said they've run multiple marathons together. He said running long distances has become Miles' happiest pastime.

"He loves it. He loves racing.

"We go to races and he hears the national anthem, and he starts singing along."

But Henri has benefited from their inseparable bond in more ways than one. Miles has become Henri's service dog. Henri is losing his hearing.

"Traffic that comes around is sometimes difficult to hear," he said. "He drags me out of the way."

Henri, therefore, can't live without Miles. It's safe to say Miles can't live without Henri, either.

"I know he likes to run long distances. It pushes me every day to go a little bit further. Otherwise, who knows?"

Miles received his own medal, and for the first time, he wore a bib. You can see the Coeme's results here. To meet the winners of the Little Rock Marathon, click here.

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