Lindsey Gant: Recovering drug addict running with a purpose

Lindsey Gant, a recovering drug addict, is running with a purpose. (Photo: KATV)

Runs across the Clinton Bridge have become an important part of Lindsey Gant's daily routine.

"When I can get out and my feet start hitting that pavement, that's kind of like my meditation," Lindsey said.

These days for Lindsey are all about stacking up little victories.

"Today I decided to hit five miles and to actually be able to accomplish and still standing," Lindsey said.

It's hard to believe that seeing this 31-year-old now that not so long ago, less than two years, she was in very bad shape.

"You actually only have one goal and that's just to use," Lindsey explained.

The initial reaction for most: she doesn't look like a drug addict.

"That's the thing that surprises so many people," Kim Roxburgh of Hope Rises said. "They walk in and they're like, 'This could be my daughter. This could be my niece.' Like this could have happened, these are middle-class young women."

Her drug addiction took Lindsey to some dark places, including prison - which she now looks at as a defining point in her journey.

"713566. I don't know if I'll ever forget it. It's definitely something I refuse to let it define me, but it is a part of my story. It is a part of my journey," Lindsey said.

Lindsey is now 47 pounds lighter than she was the day of her release from prison.

"And Lindsey's been taking every bit of that using food and using physical activity to feel better. She knows that connection between her mental health and her physical health," Roxburgh said.

Nine months ago was a big victory for Lindsey when she finished her first triathlon.

"I guess it took a minute for it to soak in that I'd actually completed it, and then to see my time was awesome," Lindsey said proudly. "I mean I set a goal to do it in under an hour. I did it in 54 minutes and so I was super proud of myself and super proud of my teammate that did it with me. It's been a really long time since I'd actually set a goal and met it."

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