Sully Says: Doing it Mike's Way

In a lot of ways, Mike Anderson is like his old boss.

Nolan Richardson never believed in giving special treatment to the most gifted players on his teams. If you look back at the old locker room tapes of Nolan in action, you would see Nolan only go out of his way to congratulate players like Joe Dean Davenport, a football player who decided to help the hoop team out.

Mike Anderson treats his teams the same way.

You don't have to be ESPN's Jimmy Dykes to realize that Michael Qualls is a special talent. I can't remember a game this season where Qualls hasn't delivered at least one "wow" play. The sophomore is the Hogs' leading scorer and there's no question that when the lights come on, Michael Qualls delivers - but he's started only seven of 12 games.

Only one player has started all 12 games for the Hogs - that's freshman Bobby Portis. If you ask Coach A, he will tell you that Bobby has earned those starts on the practice floor. Ten different Hogs have started at least one game this season. That's proof that if you produce on the practice floor, you will be rewarded.

Not having his best five players on the court to start a game may hurt Anderson's Hogs from time to time in the early portions of games, but don't look for Anderson to change his ways.