Sully Says : Life After Rotnei

It's official !!! Team Clarke is moving on. I've heard many theories on why he decided to pass up a chance to dethrone "The shootah" ( Pat Bradley) as the Hogs all-time three point king. He didn't think he fit in Anderson's system, his number of minutes and shots per game would decrease..I'd like to think that after playing a few pickup games, he decided that he wasn't on the same level as Ky Madden and BJ Young. One thing I do know for sure is that Rotnei would have left town long ago if John Pelphrey was still the coach.

Am I surprised ? Yes. I have been a big fan of Rotnei , the player and person, since he came to Fayetteville. A fan favorite who seemed to always have the right words from the media. Two weeks ago, I watched Rotnei give a passioniate speech at a charity event in Benton. Following the speech, he told me how excited he was about the upcoming season. He even went as far to say is that all the running they were doing under Coach Anderson would result in a team and a three point shooter with fresher legs next season. I guess you could say I bit on the ball fake. I believed Rotnei.

He saved his big shot for Jeff Goodman of Bottom line, He asked for his release and Mike Anderson won't let him leave. He's lucky Nolan isn't still in charge. After reading that, Nolan might have boot kicked the Clarkes back to Tulsa. That article earned Rotnei a ticket out of Fayetteville , but it also irritated a fan base that doesn't forget. Just ask Pat Bradley. By the way people talk about Pat, you would think his career ended about 2 or 3 years ago.

I still like Rotnei and hope Team Clarke has success at it's next stop, but I'm far more excited about the future of Hog Basketball under Mike Anderson. Ky Madden, BJ Young, Julysses Nobles, Rickey Scott and Madracus Wade. As a group, they are tall and very athletic. Just be patient when one of our young guards launches an ill advised shot next season.

Let's hope we have no more off-season surprises. I like Mike !!!