Sully Says: Is This Payback For Anderson?

Is this payback for Mike Anderson ?

For 17 years, Mike Anderson was the top assistant at one of the top programs in college basketball. During that time , Mike didn't receive one head coaching offer. Was that fair ? No !! Nolan Richardson never received the respect he deserved during his coaching days, and I believe that is a big reason it took so long for Mike to land a top job. By winning and hiring Jimmy Sexton as his agent, Mike is making up for lost earnings. We will find out very soon if Mike is serious about returning to Arkansas , but I wouldn't be shocked if he's just trying to squeeze a little more money out of Missouri. I was a huge Anderson fan when he was at Arkansas and will remain a big fan regardless of what he decides to do.

The New Fab 5

Have you watched Michigan in the tourney ? They don't look anything like the "Fab 5". They have 4 players who look a little like John Pelphrey... An old hoop expert I trust says teams are usually a reflection of their coach, and he couldn't understand some of Pel's recruiting moves . The one move that he thought cost him most was signing and putting up with Courtney Fortson. Courtney had the " wow" factor, but I don't think he shared Pelphrey's outlook on how the game should be played.

Twitter Silence

12 Minutes to go in the Duke game and I've yet to see any more big coaching rumors on Twitter. It's amazing how much madness one random tweet can cause....