Sully Says: All Signs Point To Hogs

The madness should end soon. This morning, Nolan said Mike A was " 50-50 and still negotiating. ESPN's Doug Gottlieb, who was the first to report that Pelphrey was done, is tweeting that ESPN's Andy Katz says Anderson will be going to Arkansas. I would assume that Missouri officials won't officially approve Anderson's proposed contract extension unless they are assured that Mike is staying put, and they don't have that guarantee.

All the cards have been played, looks like Missouri is ready to fold. Mike Anderson wins !!! Jimmy Sexton wins !!! and hopefully Arkansas wins big !!!!

It's 11:15 am... hoping to report facts not rumors Today.... This late tweet from Pat Forde of ESPN" As a Mizzou alum, my suggestion to Anderson is to take the Arkansas job. Because the fans won"t welcome him back with open arms after this. "

Game Over !!! I hope...