Sully Says: Don't Like Duke

And......Down goes Duke !!! Down goes Duke !!! For me, Duke ranks right there with the New York Yankees. Two teams , I love to see lose !!! The Yanks and the Dukies. I've always felt these two teams and their fans ( they are everywhere) have acted like they were better than the rest. Everyone loves a winner, and I see Duke and Yankee fans everywhere. This is sad, but going into the tourney , I couldn't name one player from Arizona. How about Sean Miller ? Kicked butt at Xavier , and he's a 30 game winner in year two at Arizona. I don't know if I can ever forgive my former intern, and former Arkansas sportscaster, Eric Sullivan . 10 years ago, he gave my youngest daughter a Duke sweatshirt ( Adult medium and she was 10 ).. She still wears it.

Butler's march ( hasn't been easy) back to the Elite 8 reminds me of the early stages of the Hogs 1995 run. I remember sitting on press row during round one thinking this can't happen. Lightly regarded Texas Southern almost took down our mighty Hogs. Final in round one 79-78. In the final moments of round 2, I had thrown in the towel. It was over !!! Here's the rundown of the final minute from the Syracuse side.

" The Orangemen played a tremendous game, and had a four point lead with under a minute to go. Moten, a player always known for his tremendous court awareness, dove for a loose basketball that would've virtually sealed the game for the Orangemen. When the Arkansas players tried to get the ball from him, Moten called a time out... unfortunately, the Orangemen had no timeouts left, and this resulted in a technical foul. This gave Arkansas two free throws and possession of the ball; the Razorbacks made both free throws, and made a basket to send the game into overtime.The overtime period was a close one, but eventually Arkansas would pull off the victory 96-94. "

It was one wild night, almost as wild as Butler's second round win over Pitt. And like Butler, The Hogs struggled in round three before moving on. Will the Bulldogs make it back to back title games like the Hogs did ?

Give Scotty an assist. Scotty Thurman was Mike Anderson's right hand man Today as Coach A traveled to Northeast Arkansas. Forget the Razorback signees, think how much fun the parents of those players had visiting with Scotty and Coach . If they are recruiting my kid, I'm making Scotty recreate " THE SHOT" and I'm asking Mike to tell me what went on in the locker room at halftime. By the time they left the Mickelson house, Hunter had joined the " I LIKE MIKE " club..

My bracket is a mess , but I'm a happy camper....because DUKE lost !!!!!