Sully Says: Winning The Press Conference

Monday, April 9, 2007. John Pelphrey was a big winner in his welcome to Arkansas press event. How impressive was Coach Pel ? Well.. Our always entertaining, Hog Central reporter, Rusty Jackson, used the term " mancrush" to express his excitement about Pelphrey's performance in the presser. Pelphrey won the press conference. Dana Altman didn't coach a game at Arkansas, but he is without a doubt the school's biggest loser when it comes to making a good first impression. Following a very awkward and unenthusiastic Hog call , Altman said " don't know what my friends in Omaha will think of this". That was his last Hog call !!!!!

Mike Anderson will knock it out of the park Tomorrow. He goes into this press conference with 17 years of Hog calls, 390 wins as a Hog coach and a National Championship ring. He knows what it takes to feed a hungry Hog nation. He'll embrace the Razorback past, and the people who made it great, and he'll layout his plan for putting the Hog program back in the tourney and back on the National map. He's no longer Nolan's right hand man. I love Nolan's line, " Mike's the new sheriff in town." The glasses are gone, the braces are history and so is the assistant coach mentality. Mike learned well from " the sheriff". He's more than ready to wear that sheriff''s badge in Fayetteville.

There was a time not too long ago, that I thought this would never happen. I'm glad I was wrong. There's a new adminstration in town. There's a new sheriff in town. My only regret is that Paul won't be there to witness a special day in Razorback history. As Paul would say ..Tomorrow is gonna be a marvelous day...