Sully Says: Mike Knocks It Out Of The Park

It was the most compelling part of the Mike Anderson hour . " 2002 ...... 2002 ..... you guys know what happened. The University had to make a decision, and Mike Anderson had to make a decision." That was it. He didn't have to mention it, but I'm glad he did. As Mike said, it's part of the journey. I don't know who said you can't go home twice, but Mike feels blessed to have had two homecomings.

" I learned from the best, I learned from the best." In many ways, Mike is a lot like Nolan. That bear story, I can remember Nolan using that during a Razorback club event. His system is the same one Nolan won with at Tulsa and Arkansas , and he won with at UAB and Missouri. And it's the system, Mike says he'll win with at Arkansas. Like Nolan, Mike is supremely confident. Did you see him throw the first pitch at Baum stadium ? There are no if's with Mike, just when. It may take a few years ( See Arkansas and Missouri) but his system will produce wins. When asked about the highly rated class of signees, Mike said he didn't put much stock in ratings. That's Nolan. If Nolan paid attention to ratings, Pat Bradley would have played his college ball for Boston University or Northeastern. No surprise that he's bringing his staff from Missouri. He learned that loyalty thing from Nolan. Why mess with a winning team ?

If you have time, watch Mike's speech again. It's lasts a little over 10 minutes. I enjoyed it more the second time. Wonder what some of the current Hogs think about " guarding someone when they get off the bus." I think Hog fans got what they wanted. A coach who thinks like Petrino and Van Horn, and like those two, can allow fans to dream big.. real big.