Sully Says: A new look for the Hoop Hogs

For most of the 2012-2013 Razorback season, it was Marshawn Powell, BJ Young and the rest of the Hogs.

The two second team All-SEC picks accounted for 40 percent of the Hogs season scoring total. They were the two players on the team who could create their own offense.

They were also the undisputed leaders of a Razorback team that couldn't get to the next level. No post-season play again.

BJ did lead the Hogs in assists but he also led the team in turnovers and missed three point shots (82 misses). The biggest knock against Marshawn this season: we didn't see him enough. How many times this season was the Hogs' on-court leader in early foul trouble? Too many. Marshawn led the team in fouls with 90. Marshawn was also second on the team with 55 turnovers. They were both offense-first players.

Get ready to see a more defensive team.

Don't be surprised if Alandis Harris emerges as the leader of the "new look" Hogs. Harris is a grinder; the type of player who gives the Hogs fits - an undersized post player who loves to bang and can score. As a sophomore at Houston, he averaged 13.3 points and 6.4 rebounds a game.

The Next Level

Three Anderson recruits who could be poised to assume bigger roles next season are Coty Clarke, Michael Qualls and Anthlon Bell.

Clarke had his moments in the second half of the season. I won't be surprised if he improves on his per-game averages of 7.6 points and 5.2 rebounds a game.

Qualls proved that he is more than a freakish jumper. He will need to be a more consistent offensive player next season. How many dunks did he miss this year?

Coach Anderson is counting on Bell to make a big jump next season. This season, it was three or bust for Bell. Coach Anderson says Anthlon will be a more complete player next season.

The Freshman

Bobby Portis runs the court better than any 6'9" player in the game. He improved every season at Hall and I believe he will be even better next season. Hog fans will love his attitude. He's a fierce, team-first competitor.

Moses Kingsley is another highly touted 6-9 inch forward/center. Kingsley is a rim protector. His 72 inch wingspan allows him to play a lot taller than 6-9. We're talking about two highly motivated tall players with good motors who should fit in well.

The Seniors

The Hogs will have five seniors next season: Clarke, Madracus Wade, Rickey Scott, Kikko Haydar and Fred Gulley. Four of the five are backcourt players. I'm hoping they will benefit from a third season under Mike Anderson.

Mickelson and Madden

This had to be a frustrating season for these two former Arkansas high school stars. Both have shown flashes of potential but neither have produced on a consistent basis.

The Rest

Jacorey Williams and Deqavious Wagner - we just didn't see enough of these two to see if they will help in the future.

Who will they bring in? Add a couple of scorers and it could make for an interesting roster.