Sully Says: Austin Allen is uncommon


Austin Allen has something that most young quarterbacks lack.

That something is patience.

Think about it. He spent three seasons at Arkansas before he took his first snap as the Hogs' starting quarterback.

There aren't many quarterbacks in the college game, with his background, that would have stuck around for three years without getting any significant playing time.

A quick reminder of what kind of quarterback Austin was coming out of high school.

Austin led Fayetteville High to back-to-back state titles and was rated the 17th best drop-back prospect in the country by one major recruiting service.

Think about the quarterbacks at Texas A&M who came out of school at the same time as Austin or after who have already left College Station. Kenny Hill, Kyle Allen, and Kyler Murray all played as a freshman all struggled, and all three left the Aggie program.

A&M is an extreme example, but nationwide you are seeing more young quarterbacks get thrown into action earlier than ever.

Former Razorback great Clint Stoerner believes quarterback play in the SEC has suffered because teams no longer develop quarterbacks. They often choose skills or possible upside over readiness.

Austin wasn't perfect last season, but he did not play like a first-year starter.

He threw for an SEC-best 3,430 yards passing, and his 25 touchdown passes were second best in the conference. He also exhibited both poise and toughness in the most difficult circumstances, qualities you seldom see from younger first-year starters.

I thought he handled most every situation, both on and off the field, like a veteran quarterback.

Austin's patience, and the Hogs decision to develop quarterbacks, has resulted in stability at the quarterback position.

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