Sully Says: Bud Walton beatdown

It was midway through the second half when a zero star, Kikko Haydar, blew by a five-star Cat, Archie Goodwin, for an easy two points.

It was that kind of Saturday at Bud Walton arena.

It was almost 40 minutes of hell for John Calipari. The Hogs didn't take any possessions off in what was a surprisingly comfortable 13 point win. The blue collar Hogs beat the Cats in every hustle stat. They out-rebounded Kentucky 43-36. The big number on the boards, 19 offensive rebounds for the smaller Hogs. There's no official stats for loose balls but the Hogs seemed to beat to Kentucky to all of them.

Remember the good ole days when Nolan used to sub five for five? That didn't happen Saturday but Mike Anderson did use 9 Hogs to beat down Kentucky. Nine Hogs played at least 12 minutes and no Hog played more than 28.

The one Hog who played 28 minutes, Coty Clarke, had a huge impact on the game despite ending with only five shot attempts. How's this for a line: 14 points, 12 rebounds, six assists and three steals. Willy Cauley-Stein was good but he would have needed four arms to keep up with Clarke and Marshawn Powell.

Statistics can be deceiving. Kentucky hit almost 48 percent of their shots Saturday, while the Hogs connected on just 34.8 percent of their 69 shots. This game wasn't about shooting - it was all about grinding, and it looked like all 10 Hogs who played were playing at "Kikko speed."

It wasn't Nolan vs. Petino or a battle of two top 10 teams, but there was an energy at Bud Walton that only an Arkansas-Kentucky matchup can produce.

Most tuned in expecting to see a Saturday afternoon slugfest but ended up witnessing a Bud Walton beatdown.