Sully Says: Dads... It's all about the little things

My 10th annual Father-Child miniature golf tourney was a big success. There were times Saturday when Golfworld ran out of putters, which is a good thing for this event. I think we had close to a 100 teams. More than half of the families went home with some sort or prize. My goal next year is to make sure that every kid who plays goes home with a prize.

My name is on the tourney, so I get most of the credit. The real unsung heroes of this event are Tommy Brown and his staff at Golfworld. They take care of all the little things. They get the course ready, they sign people in, they take care of the scores and trophies... they basically do it all. I serve as the greeter and hand out the awards. I also want to thank two dads who didn't have kids playing in the tourney, but played a big role in the event's success. This tourney is all about creating memories and who better to record those memories than master photographer, Dewaine Duncan, and ace video man, Popeye.

" It's about the little things". Each year during the tourney, I interview kids hoping they will say something profound about their dads, and every year it's all about the little things. What makes KATV 7 on your side man, Jason Pederson, a special dad ? " He dances around the house in his long johns ". I got that gem from Jason's playing partner Shelby. " He makes waffles". That came one of the Brandt girls. Some other common responses. " He takes me golfing ", "He plays with us"...The little things.

I'm lucky to have all good dad experiences. My dad managed to make all of his 6 kids feel special. My dad is the reason I have a career in broadcasting. An Irish immigrant who graduated from the school of hard knocks ( US Army and Dennison Manufacting Company) wanted all his kids to go to college. My dad convinced me that I was gonna be the future voice of the Boston Red Sox. The next Johhny Most. One of my best memories of my dad is his reaction after watching me do sports (Friday Night Flights) for the first time. He was blown away that someone could have so much fun doing their job. The little things.

As a dad, I have two girls that do a good job making dad feel special just about every day. My best dad/kid memories.. One Saturday in the fall ( a football off week), I took the girls who were probably about 6 and 9 to the park. We were playing chase, when I made a bad strategical move. I went down the slide. I didn't see the bar above the slide, and BANG !! A direct hit. Nose against bar. The bar won. Many years later, It's hard for any of us to drive by that playground and not think about that trip down the slide. KARK's Dave Woodman when asked to describe the incident on the morning show said it involved two girls and a bar. Thanks, Dave !!! Then there's that Christmas when I allowed the girls to get an early preview of their Christmas gifts. That didn't go over real well with their mom.. The little things..

Happy Father's Day !!!!!