Sully Says: I can't keep up with my 83-year-old Mom


I take at least 20,000 steps a day and my brother runs ultra marathon races, but neither of us can keep up with our 83-year-old mother.

There is a difference between my steps and those of my mom.

My steps are for fun and fitness. Grammy Sullivan always steps with a purpose.

Church, food pantry, yard work and fitness class. Then there's family time. Lot's of family time. That's one of her "average" days.

She is to her grand-kids what Dr. Doolittle is to animals. I may be the reporter in the family, but I am no match for Grammy when it comes to quizzing the kids in the Sullivan family. Grammy Sullivan makes every conversation count. It doesn't matter whether you are six years old or 56 years old; Grammy will keep you entertained.

Cross country, track, volleyball, field hockey, baseball, football, hockey, and crew. She arrives early and stays until the end. On a recent trip home, I was asked to "step it up" on our way to watching my niece at a crew event. There was no way we were going to miss Shrewsbury putting its boat in the water.

The picture with this story is from Marathon Day.

One of my sisters and two of my nieces joined Grammy and me for our 2016 Boston Marathon watch party. Our first stop was downtown Framingham, the six mile point of the Boston Marathon. We spent around an hour and a half watching most of the 30,000 runners including my brother, Mike and cousin Roger pass by us. Grammy had sandwiches and snacks for all us. That's how she rolls.

Stop two was downtown Boston for the finish of one of America's greatest races. The finish line was chaos. Thousands of people wedged in trying to get an up-close look at the marathoners as they approached the finish line. We stood for around two hours. From there it was about a half mile walk to join "Marathon" Mike in the cooling down area.

Our day wasn't done; we were on the move again. We had about a mile walk to my niece's' apartment. Following a short break, we walked at least another mile to a restaurant.

By the time we sat down to eat, we were seven exhausting hours into our Marathon journey, and Grammy Sullivan was still going strong. I often wonder how she does it. I've determined that she feeds off "family" energy.

Grammy Sullivan lives a simple life, based on three things: faith, family and friendship.

Many years ago, I remember being in the car with my dad, following a frustrating house repair disaster, he prefaced his complaint about Mom, by saying, "you know you're mom is a saint." I don't remember the rest of his rant, but that comment has stuck with me for almost 50 years.

I think anyone who knows Grammy Sullivan would agree with my dad.

Hope all the Moms have a spectacular Mother's Day!!!!

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