Sully Says: LSU was too physical

Bret Bielema after the Hogs fall to LSU 38-10 (KATV Photo)

LSU was just too physical for the Hogs,

Years ago, former Arkansas State Coach, Joe Hollis, told me that one reason football is so popular is that it's a simple game. He pointed out that you don't need years of training to determine if a team isn't blocking or tackling well, or if the quarterback or receivers are struggling. You can make those observations from your seat at the stadium or your recliner at home.

My wife is not a big football fan. Her big takeaway Saturday night. " Our little guys didn't have a chance ."

I don't know how the Hogs stack up, pound for pound, with the Tigers, but LSU owned both lines of scrimmage for four quarters,

The tone for Saturday's game was set on the first scoring play. LSU had it first and goal from the Arkansas four yard line. The Tigers came out in a power formation with one back, Leonard Fournette, lined up behind Danny Ettling. I think at least 60 of the 75 thousand fans knew that Fournette was going to get the ball. Number seven got the ball and powered his way into the end zone. The Hog defense offered little resistance.

Football, especially SEC West football, is a line of scrimmage game. Everything is a little easier if you are winning the battles up front.

Coach Bielema's teams have always been line of scrimmage of sound. Strong running the ball and strong against the run.

These numbers have to frustrate coach. Through 10 games, the Hogs are ranked 82nd in rushing offense, and 103rd in rushing defense. Those are not Bret Bielema numbers.

Things are happening this season, that I would guess, have never happened to a Coach B team.

I would be highly surprised if any of his Wisconsin teams gave up 563 yards rushing in a game, or two opposing backs ever combined for over 350 yards on the ground in a game.

The SEC is a "Big Boy" league. And we've seen this season if you don't measure up on the line of scrimmage things can get ugly.

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