Sully Says: Nolan, Mike and Scotty

It was a segment that was supposed to last five minutes, but went for almost 14 minutes.

Three days after a cruel ending to what was a painful football season, the focus was on the greatest season in Razorback history. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 20 years since the Hogs cut down the nets in Charlotte.

Left to right, it was Scotty Thurman, Nolan Richardson and Mike Anderson. For 13 minutes and 46 seconds, they were star player, head coach and assistant coach again.

They talked; I listened.

Their biggest concern about the 1994 season had nothing to do with the team. They were worried about their new home. Bud Walton Arena was bigger and better than Barnhill arena in just about every way, but could it produce the same energy as Barnhill? Scotty said any questions about Bud Walton were answered when they ran a good Missouri team right out of the new arena. It was a 120-68 win that proved to be a sign of things to come at the Bud.

What made that team so special? Coach Anderson says it was Nolan's vision. Nolan, who's now 72, is as passionate as ever. His biggest regret is letting that 1995 championship slip away. Nolan believes if they had won in 1995, he would have been able to talk Corliss and Scotty into sticking around and going for a three peat.

As for "The Shot": what if Scotty didn't hit the shot? Nolan said he wasn't concerned. There were still 50 seconds on the clock and Duke was tired. Both Nolan and Mike agreed that Dwight Stewart had the biggest assist (some call it a bobble) in Razorback history.

You can see most of the interview this Friday on our Razorback basketball special, "Let's Dance." It will air from 7:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. on Channel 7.