Sully Says: Red Coat Win

Being negative is easy.

When things go south during a Hog game, I usually make my way to the newsroom to vent to KATV anchor/hog fanatic Chris May.

That was the case on Tuesday. It was bad. The Hogs were trailing by 15, they had gone seven minutes without scoring, and Dusty Hannahs was 0-6 from three-point range,

I still have a hard time believing what happened in the final five minutes.

Dusty scored 14 points in the final four minutes and 38 seconds. Every point he scored came on a layup or a free throw. I thought Pat Bradley was going to drop a Kareem Reid reference on the SEC Network. Left hand, right hand, over the seven-footer; Dusty was dealing.

22 seconds to go and Vandy has the matchup they wanted. Point guard Riley LaChance is one-on-one, in space with Moses Kingsley. Nine out of 10 times, LaChance will beat Moses off the dribble. Not on this night. Not only did Moses make a clean pick, but he also pushed the ball ahead to Dusty for an easy two to cut Vandy's lead to two.

Major props to Mike Anderson for the way he handled the final 22 seconds.

Most coaches would have called for a foul as the clock ticked down. Not Coach. He gave his Hogs an opportunity to make plays, and they did. It was Hog ball at its best.

With the clock ticking towards 12 seconds, they forced a bad pass from the seven-footer. Manny Watkins tipped the pass, and Jaylen Barford came up with the ball. Barford pushed it ahead to Daryl Macon who whipped it across the court to Dusty. I thought it was about to be over. Dusty would drain his first three of the night, and the Hogs would hold on. It didn't happen that way. The ball bounced off the front of the rim, Barford tipped it back to Manny who shuffled it to Macon. That's when Vandy panicked.

The team known for making all the smart plays fouled Macon on what was a low percentage three point attempt. At that point, I knew it was over.

I think it was one of our photogs, Korey, who grabbed the bright red sports coat off the rack in the sports office. That's how I celebrate big Hog wins.

I was convinced that Daryl would make all three. He is Little Rock tough. He didn't disappoint. All three were pure.

Hogs rally from 15 down to win, 71-70.

A red coat win!

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