Sully Says : Shutting down a legend: Harry King

HARRY (1).jpg

I'd be lying if I said I hadn't noticed the trend in TV lately.

Check the TV blogs and you will see story after story about stations, big and small, letting veteran anchors go. People far more talented than me. Most of the time it has to do more with the money they make, not the quality of their work. Many in the media ,view younger and cheaper ,as the best route to financial success.

I usually just read the stories and move on, but something I saw on Friday really bothered me.

Gate House media decided to pull the plug on Harry King's sports columns which appeared three times a week in five daily newspapers around the state.

Gate House operates out of Rochester, New York. My guess is they know very little about Harry King and his position in the Arkansas Sports media. They called it a " tough" decision.

In my years in the Little Rock market, I always viewed three men, right or wrong, as icons in the media.

Paul Eells , Harry King and Jim Elder. TV, Radio and newspaper. I don't think three media members have ever been closer. I don't know anyone in the business who didn't respect the work these three did.

Harry's calling cards: history, perspective and honesty.

He's also been one of my go to guys for my " greatest" lists. The 10 greatest Hog quarterbacks, The 25 best Hog athletes over the past 25 years. Harry offered a unique view. He's been around so long, he's seen everyone play.

Will it hurt those newspapers ? Who knows.

I just feel an icon like Harry King, who is still a must read writer, has earned the right to leave on his terms.

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