Sully Says: Spring practice closed

The first practice of the Bret Bielema era will take place on Sunday.

Don't plan on seeing any TV or Twitter reports on the workout. Spring practice - with the exception of three 15 minute periods and the annual Spring Game - is closed to the media and public.

I'm not surprised. Bret Bielema has yet to do any on-field work with several members of his staff and his new team. There may be moments in the "get to know the coaches" stage that he doesn't want me or you to see.

Can you imagine if he let the media watch every minute of every workout? Talk radio would love it. They would be handicapping the race for the starting quarterback spot on a daily basis. They would have the starting line-up set by the Spring Game. It's the kind of fun that most major college coaches don't want fans or media to have.

Some say the spring media blackout will help with attendance for the Spring Game. I'm not in that camp. I'll be surprised if they make a significant jump in the turnout for the Spring Game. We will see.

Arkansas is not the only school limiting access to practice. Most big-time programs are doing it.

It's part of a disturbing trend in major college football. The entire system is starting to resemble Wall Street. The salaries are going through the roof and the programs are becoming less transparent. Just look at the walls they are building around their practice fields. The only inside look at most college programs come through the school's video department or carefully crafted network pieces.

You can count on seeing the first video of the 2013 Razorbacks on March 14 when the University releases practice video they shot during week one.