Sully Says ( Suspended Indefinitely)

It was the best and the worst of Razorback athletics in a span of three posts on my twitter feed. First the stuff you want to see from student/athletes. A picture of Tyler Wilson , in his cap and gown, celebrating his graduation. What a year for Tyler !!! He earned first team All-SEC honors and a college degree .

Then the kind of news that turns your stomach. Three Razorback football players were arrested for burglarizing dorm rooms. Wide receivers, Marquel Wade and Maudrecus Humphrey , and tight end Andrew Peterson are accused of stealing from fellow students. Laptops, textbooks and DVD's were among the items lifted from the rooms.

The three players have been suspended indefinitely. What does this mean ? Who knows. Back on March 17, starting offensive lineman, Jason Peacock, was suspended indefinitely following his arrest for felony theft of property. Peacock used a stolen credit card to purchase around 40 dollars worth of gas. On April 4th, Peacock was back at practice. All offensive coordinator, Paul Petrino, would say is that Peacock was " full tilt' with the team.

Bobby Petrino's policy as head coach was not to talk about players who weren't practicing. If you were looking for any information on a player who had been " suspended indefinitely" you were out of luck. This policy was in line with his lockdown philosophy of running a program. You've heard the line " what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" , that's the way he wanted it with his football program.

John L. Smith has promised to bring the program back to the people, to lift the darkness. I hope that includes making the term " suspended indefinitely" a temporary fix. Examine all the facts, then hand out some concrete sanctions. That may mean suspensions , dismissals or neither, but anything would be better than " suspended indefinitely".