Sully Says: South Arkansas rises to the occasion, takes center stage at War Memorial

Warren coach Bo Hembree (KATV Photo)

What a weekend for south Arkansas,

The final three games of the high school season will feature teams from Warren, Prescott, and Hampton. The Lumberjacks, Curley Wolves, and Bulldogs.

I've always been a fan of football in the southern part of the state.

My first exposure to south Arkansas football came in college. Several of my intramural teammates were proud Crossett Eagles. I heard all about Friday nights in the Ashley County town. I learned about former Eagle greats like Jessie Clark, and their hatred for those Hamburg Lions.

It wasn't long after I got a job in Little Rock TV that I got a first-hand look at the passion they have for high school football in south Arkansas. Great love and great athletes. One thing you will see Friday and Saturday from the southern Arkansas schools are athletes that can produce those "wow" moments.

Hampton coach Wes Ables says his quarterback Monta Thomas is the best player in the state. Longtime Warren coach Bo Hembree says if you want to see what a major college receiver looks like see sophomore Treylon Burks, and last week, veteran KATV photographer Marcus McDonald, came back to the station telling stories about Prescott quarterback Derek Flynn. Marcus said Flynn was launching 50 and 60-yard bombs with ease and accuracy.

Warren is up first on Friday night. There is no better program in south Arkansas. They won a title in 2014, and anything short of a win over Pea Ridge will be a huge disappointment for the 14-0 Lumberjacks.

Hampton plays at noon Saturday. A year ago, Hampton didn't have enough players to field a team. Now, the Bulldogs are undefeated and a win away from their first state title. Turnarounds like this aren't supposed to happen.

Prescott will play Saturday night. The Curley Wolves were in the title game six years ago, but they haven't won a state title since 1995. 21 years is too long for this tradition-rich community to go without a title.

There is one more reason I'm a fan of football in south Arkansas. It's Channel 7 country. If you are with KATV, you can count on being treated very well in the southern part of the state.

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