Sully Says: There will be a Game 7

The King was dead!!!

Just 28 ticks on the clock, Lebron James has just thrown the ball away on a desperate drive to the bucket. A quick foul and Manu Ginobli goes to the line to shoot 2 with the Spurs up 93-89.

A vintage 5 point run in a span of just 21 seconds by Finals MVP Tony Parker, which included a rise and fire three point shot from 26 feet, would be shown over and over by ESPN.

Lebron would be saluted for bringing the Heat back with a crazy 4th quarter performance, but then the questions would come. Why did you wait until the final 12 minutes to go nuts? What about the back-to-back turnovers when the game was on the line? Where was the headband?

It would be the start to what would be a miserable off-season for the NBA MVP.

The Spurs were one championship play away from making all this a reality. Hit one more free throw, grab one more defensive rebound and the Heat are done. No problem for a team that knows how to win championships.

Miami didn't have to go "Danny Green" to force overtime. They hit 2 of 4 open threes. Lebron had 3 good looks and hit one, and one of the most clutch three point shooters in NBA history, Ray Allen, had a clean look on the tying three. Allen isn't just a good three point shooter, he's a cold blooded three point assassin.

When the dust settled on this overtime classic, Miami's Chris Bosh was playing the role of the unlikely hero. Bosh played big in the biggest moments of this made-for-TV classic. There were 7 seconds left when Lebron James' potential game-tying 3 clanged off the rim. Bosh reached high, collected the ball in traffic and calmly tossed it outside to Ray Allen for the tying three. It was only the second assist of the game for Bosh and it was Allen's only made 3.

Chris Bosh didn't block one shot in the first 52 minutes, 28 seconds of the game. He looked like elastic man in the final 32 seconds of overtime. With 32 seconds to go, Bosh sprung into the air and got a hand on Tony Parker's step back 17 footer. Then, with time running out in OT, it was Bosh who closed fast to smother Danny Green as he tried to launch what could have been a game-tying three.

Now the questions come for the Spurs. Why was Tim Duncan on the bench for the two made 3's which were set up by offensive rebounds for the Heat? Duncan did lead San Antonio with 12 defensive rounds. Why let Manu Ginobli freelance when the game was on the line? He had 8 turnovers last night that's more than all his teammates had combined. They had 5.

It was compelling TV. A big comeback, plenty of drama, all kinds of controversy and yes - more theatrics.

You can see Game 7 of the finals Thursday night on Channel 7. Jimmy Kimmell Game Night starts at 7:00 p.m., NBA Countdown at 7:30 and the game should tip shortly after 8:00.