10 year-old wins "Citizen of the Year" award

Kamrie Ewing, 10

RUSSELLVILLE (KATV) - Whenyou generally think "Citizen of the Year," it's usually someone who's givenyears of service to the community.{} But the2014 winner of the Russellville Area Chamber of Commerce's award went to a tenyear-old girl.

When Russellville Chamberof Commerce board chairman Todd Sweeden was looking over the candidates for Citizenof the Year - he had a handful to choose from.

"After reviewingeverything and talking and retalking and rehashing all of this, we felt thatKamrie was the best choice," said Sweeden.

An award that Sweeden saysnormally goes to someone in their sixties went to a girl with just a decadeunder her belt.{} But Kamrie Ewing, 10 ofDover, has given back to hundreds of kids in the Russellville area in just twoyears. {}It was a unanimous decision by the board.

"When you normally lookfor leadership - a little bit older," said Sweeden.{} "We were amazed, really bowled over by whatthis young lady had already accomplished in a very short time."

Much of it has to do withEwing's non-profit called, "Kamrie's Colorful Creations," an idea that startedwith selling handmade hairbows to raise money for a girl with cancer.

"We went to her house andgave the thousand bucks to her," said Ewing.{}"When we got back in the car I said, 'Momma, I want to do it again.'"

Since then she's soldbracelets and ribbon bookmarks as fundraisers, run backpack drives for kids infoster care and donated thousands of dollars to a Morrilton orphanage.

"I have everything that Ineed," said Ewing.{} "I was thinking thatother kids don't."

Ewing has made helpingchildren who are less fortunate her non-profit's main priority.{}

Her two years of work notonly got her Russellville's Citizen of the Year award, but the town of Dover's OutstandingCitizen Award too.{} Sweeden said it seemsthe sky is the limit for Ewing and that, "I think that we're going to see a lotof leadership in this young lady as the years go by."

The next big project forKamrie's Colorful Creations is putting on a dog show in which she says she'lldonate the proceeds to another deserving charity.

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