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Absentee ballots rejected because of Arkansas new voter ID law

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PULASKI COUNTY (KATV)--Lessons are being learned from Tuesday's Primary Election after complications with implementing the new voter ID law. County election commissions found many absentee ballots were rejected. One east Arkansas county had to reject 80 percent of its absentee ballots because voters didn't send in proof of identification, and while counties like Pulaski didn't see as many; they're election commission is being proactive to make sure this doesn't happen again. If you voted in Tuesday's Primary Election, showing an ID was required under Arkansas' new voter ID law. However, for those who sent in absentee ballots many were rejected. St. Francis County rejected 83 out of 102.Saline County had 4 out of 135Jefferson County had 83 out of 358 and Pulaski County had 62 out of 636. "Either include a photo ID or government document with a name and address or a paycheck with a name and address, bank statement or utility bill and if none of that was included, we were forced to reject it because of the law," said Pulaski County Director of Elections, Brian Poe. The Pulaski County Election Commission held a meeting on Thursday, discussing issues caused by the new voter ID law. They say in several polling locations, poll workers were checking a voter's ID, and then comparing it to what they had on file in the election book. Versus following procedure where a voter was to tell the poll worker their name and address, compare it to the book then ask for an ID."We've definitely went over this particular point and so I would hate to say that it's a lack of listening however that appears to be the case," said Poe. Pulaski County plans to either retrain poll workers or find new ones for the November Election.
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