Ark. post office reviews to continue during delay

A U.S. Postal Service official says a six-week, nationwide moratorium on post-office closings won't affect the ongoing process to decide which facilities, including those in Arkansas, should be shut down.

The Postal Service announced earlier this month it would suspend closing activities from Nov. 19 through Jan. 2. In a separate memo, a postal service official told area managers that districts could proceed with the "discontinuance process" in place, which includes community meetings and final-determination postings.

Little Rock-based post office spokeswoman Leisa Tolliver-Gay told the Southwest Times Record no closings were scheduled during the moratorium period in Sebastian, Crawford, Franklin, Logan, Scott, Polk or Johnson counties.

Several locations, however, are in the study or appeals process.

Final determinations to close facilities at Board Camp and Boles are under appeal.

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