Arkansas photographer admits to stealing photos, claiming them as her own

Posted by Amber Hughes - 10/18/2011

A Conway photographer is apologizing for passing off other photographers' work as her own.

On a Facebook page that appears to belong to Meagan Kunert, she issued an apology to her clients admitting to stealing several pictures from around the country and in Canada.

In that statement she also said she reached out to several of the photographers to speak with them personally. We spoke with one of them by phone today, Amber Hughes from Vancouver Canada.

"He [a local Arkansas photographer] recognized Vancouver in one of her recent blog posts and that prompted him to start emailing around to photographers in Vancouver to see if he could find the original photographer. My colleagues recognized my work right away and forwarded his email to me. So that is how I was notified of it originally," said Hughes.

Although frustrated Hughes says she does not plan to take legal action for copyright infringement.

We tried to contact Kunert by phone, but couldn't reach her.

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