ASU students ditching books for iPads

JONESBORO - When school starts next week, every freshman at Arkansas State University will be required to have an iPad.

Students may bring their own iPads if they're advanced to at least an IPad-2. They can also buy or rent one from the university.

Some students tell our sister station KAIT they believe more schools will follow in the transition from traditional textbooks, calling it convenient, and cost effective.

"My books only cost $300 because the rest are gonna be on here. And so i think that's gonna save a lot of money too," said one student.

"It's making history. This year, we're gonna be able to get on our iPads and everything's gonna be 3-dimensional. We can, if we're in like a biology class, we can dissect the brain. It'll help enhance the participation in classes," said another student.

ASU also requires every freshman to take "Making Connections," a course that's completely digital.

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